M687pro Interview

by Fisting Planet
December 29th 2020

She is emotional, funny and communicative. That’s how I see the fantastic M687pro, a goddess in the realm of prolapses and gaping holes. It was promptly that she agreed to answer the questions that were addressed to her, and always with a lot of humor, it should be noted.
I hope the fans like it.

Fisting Planet: How old are you?
M687pro: I am 33 years old.

What is your height and weight?
I measure 1m70 and weigh 60 Kg.

What are your measurements?
My breasts are natural and measure 90C. I am thinking more and more of making me increase them for very large ones like F or G cups.

m687pro interview

“My anal prolapse is the diameter of my asshole, which is 10 to 11 cm in diameter. In length I manage to pull it out 6 to 7 cm for the moment.”

How did you find your nickname and what does it mean?
My Nickname comes from the fact that my guy and I have first names that start with an M, then 687 is broken down as follows 87 for my year of birth and if we read 68 backwards this gives 86 which corresponds to l year of birth of my boyfriend and pro for Prolapse because I love anal prolapses! Besides, I train every day to have a prolapse of at least 15 cm outside my asshole because I want guys to be able to sodomize my asshole while holding my prolapse in their hand.

What is your favorite position?
Doggystyle to show off my huge gaping asshole.

How long have you published your videos?
We are on a Swinger site and we have been posting for 6 months but complicated because my photos are considered too hard for the site … But I love double Anal and Triple Anal and would like to try the (QAP) Quadruple Anal with huge cocks to fill my hole of almost 11 cm in diameter but difficult to find guys very well mounted. lol

Are you a porn lover?
Yes I like watching porn with my boyfriend it gives me naughty ideas.

“I train every day to have a prolapse of at least 15 cm”

Why and when did you start fisting / gaping / stretching / prolapse?
I have always practiced sodomy since I was 15 and only anal gang bangs since I was 18 and one day with my boyfriend we came across a live from Siswet19 and I wanted to do the same as her because I find it exceptional and I started to buy small anal dildos but the problem was that I always put them in the first time so I went back to buy bigger dildos and plugs and the same, they also came in the first time. So that’s where I asked my boyfriend to stretch my ass and there what a surprise to find that I can easily dilate it and I can’t really explain it but the more people spread my ass and the more pleasure I take, the more I want more. In just 1 year of daily exercise, I manage to dilate my ass up to 11 cm in diameter and now I exercise to be able to take it up to the elbow and I soon get to double anal fisting with guys hands . My anal prolapse comes out easily but I want it to come out much longer, like (Maria__Hella or Clairet or DirtyGardenGirl) that’s my goal.

What technique do you use to clean your ass before penetration?
M687pro: To be honest I quite easily sense when it’s clean and otherwise I do an enema every now and then.

What is your craziest fantasy?
My craziest fantasy is having lots of huge BBC type cocks, with lots of guys who want just one thing: Destroy my ass up to 3 cocks in my ass at the same time with extra dildos to fill them. empty spaces, then do double anal fisting see triple if it goes lol and up to the elbow then release a huge anal prolapse. Basically, getting my ass fucked like it should. I love hard sex and getting sodomized violently.

Do you have objectives or limits for your holes? A world record that you would like to beat? How big is your prolapse?
I have no limits to be honest. I love to do extraordinary things. My limits will be when my body can no longer expand lol I would love to have an extraordinary prolapse like Clairet or DirtyGardenGirl see more “My anal prolapse is the diameter of my asshole, which is 10 to 11 cm in diameter. In length I manage to pull it out 6 to 7 cm for the moment.

“I love double Anal and Triple Anal and would like to try the (QAP) Quadruple Anal with huge cocks to fill my hole of almost 11 cm”

Do you have any favorite fisting stars?
Which ones and why? I love Maria086, Clairet, DirtyGardenGirl, Hotkinkyjo and I certainly forget some more … because I’m on the same delusions and cravings as they are.

What is your favorite toy?
I love really, really big dildos and anal plugs and the things I can hide in my ass entirely like double dongs, tunnel plugs, big balls, everyday objects but for now my favorite is the 11cm diameter garden gnome which I hope to soon be able to insert fully and make disappear in my ass. I also like the bottoms of 1.5 liters bottles.

The biggest toy you have ever inserted?
For now, the 11 cm diameter garden gnome.

Do you have a funny episode concerning your widened holes or your fist?
At a swinger party, a guy I met when he saw he could fist my ass in just 10 seconds without any preparation, and I told him, try to put the other hand, he hallucinated so much that he sat down on the sofa and repeated over and over: Incredible, it’s the best day of my life! With my boyfriend we couldn’t laugh anymore, he had like “beugged”.

When you have free time, what do you do for fun?
My ass calls out all the time, so when we have free time, we play with it.

What kind of music do you like?
Dance, Electro.

Do you have any favorite movies?
Porn … does it matter?

What are your favorite TV shows?
The Cam Girl?

What is your favorite dish?
Very large sausages.

How can fans follow you on social media?
We currently have the @m687pro twitter account, a Manyvids account under construction, we are on a swinger site (number 1 in France Winking face) on PornHub and soon I will be making cam girls on cam4 and others,

Any special words for Fisting Planet fans?
I really love hard anal (Big Anal Prolapse, Big Gaping Anal, Big Dildo Anal, Big Fisting Anal, …) and having my asshole fucked so if you like that, follow us with always the same nickname : M687pro.

Thank you M687pro!!