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    Very open minded married with no secrets

    My first experience with ass fisting was when I was 19 years old and she was 32 we was with each other for about 1 year then she moved out, Already back then I love to lick it and fuck ass . I remember when I was slowly sliding my fistin her ass then she grabbed my hand above the wrist And she forced my fist in her ass after few movements I had cum coming out out of my dick Without the touching, absolutely fucking hot, when she was coming and at the same time her ass was trying to spit my fist out of her ass and she was telling me to kip pushing until she really spit my fist out of her ass living big gape, her ass was winking few times and went back to normal . I do love when there is prolapse rose coming out of the ass I like to suck on rose taste sweet and women like that too, and again you don't have to fist asshole to push prolapse outside but I do like when my dick is inside asshole and rose is trying to push it out. Sometimes I'm thinking about those ex-girlfriends if they miss me ,probably they have a boring husband's who don't even shave dick ,and I'm sure they don't tell them that someone before them was sliding a fist in them asshole But don't get me wrong I do love pussy , Usually my Scale is 5 times in the ass and 2 in pussy The biggest mistake the guys do having sex is, sticking the Dick inside pussy or ass and keep going. Then woman sometimes she will get orgaasm sometimes not. But if you irritate pussy or ass by stretching, it's way more sensitive And it's way bigger chance to have a huge orgasm, Especially asshole after stretching. It's way more sensitive than pussy Results of super orgasm from anal After stretching that asshole your body is shaking Squid out of your pussy And you want get off the Dick from inside your ass Because you cannot take it no more because of the orgasm        What you think ??

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