Violet Buttercup Interview

by Fisting Planet
January 21th 2021

I continue with the serie of interviews on “Model 1”, but this time with the fantastic Violet Buttercup. I loved the way she exposed herself and revealed her inner self. Lover of musical art and fan of japanese culture, she reveals a refined and above average taste.
She is extremely submissive to her master (“Master of Anal”) and if someone wants to present her with something, just offer her violets and she will be extremely happy.
As usual, I hope you like it.

Fisting Planet: How old are you?
Violet Buttercup: 24.

What’s is your height and weight?
5 foot 5 and 14 stone.

What are your body measurements?
I don’t know any measurement other than my boobs which are 36E

How did you come up with your nickname and what does it mean?
I wanted to name myself after flowers – it doesn’t have a meaning as such, just my favourite flowers!

“I met my master who was really into extreme stretching and rosebuds so I really wanted to try it for him”

What’s your favorite position?
I like to be in my back because I can push my rose out easier, but in doggy style I love it how I can be fucked really hard.

How long have you been posting your videos?
I started my twitter in july 2018 I think, then starting posting more full length videos in Jan 2020!

Are you a porn lover?
Yeah i love porn, it’s really empowering and sexual and I live creating it!

Why and when did you start fisting/gaping/stretching/prolapsing?
I was into anal originally and then i met my master who was really into extreme stretching and rosebuds so I really wanted to try it for him and it turns out I’m really good at it and have loved it ever since, I’m just a good slave.

When did you realized that you wanted to work your anal/pussy expansion?
It was when my master showed me what was possible with my ass, he always challenged me to go bigger!

Which technique do you use to clean your ass before penetration?
I just use an enema!

“I really want my master to piss on my prolapse!”

What’s your craziest fantasy?
I really want my master to piss on my prolapse!

Do you have any goals or limitis for your holes? Any world record you would like to beat? How big is your prolapse?
My goal is just to get as big as I can! I’d love to be doing this for a while so I don’t think I have any limit on what I want!

Do you have any favorite fisting stars? Which ones and Why?
I really like Dirty Garden Girl – she’s such a pro at what she does! I also like Argendena because she can go so deep!

Whats your favourite toy?
My Organo Toy XXXL Egg.

“I’m very musical so play piano, violin and guitar”

The biggest toy you have ever inserted?
My XXXL Egg again, it’s 14.75 inches circumference.

Do you have any funny episode regarding your expanded holes or fisting?
Alot of very funny farting noises but nothing to embarrassing.

When you have free time, what do you do for fun?
I’m very musical so play piano, violin and guitar and I also love nature so go hiking alot! I also live video games!

What kind of music do you like?
I’m a rock chick at heart, but do love abit of dubstep!

Do you have any favorite movies?
I love anime movies! Anything studio Ghibli.

What’s your favorite TV shows?
Supernatural and anything anime like Adventure Time and Tokyo Ghoul!

What’s your favorite food?
Pork Ramen!

How can the fans follow you on social media?
I have 11.4k on Twitter!

Any special words for Fisting Planet fans?
Just thank you for following me and loving my content! It makes me very happy to see people enjoying my holes as much as I do!

Thank you Violet Buttercup!!