Teresa Filosofa Interview

by Fisting Planet
January 1st 2021

The conversation with Teresa Filósofa was a pleasant surprise. Extremely accessible, cordial and cultured, but also friendly. This 53-year-old Brazilian, in great physical shape, readily agreed to talk to Fisting Planet.
Once again, I hope the fans like it.

How old are you?
I’m 53.

What’s is your height and weight? 
1.70m and 70kg.

What are your body measurements? 
95cm, 85cm, 105cm.

“Teresa Filósofa is an 18th century erotic literature novel”

How did you come up with your nickname and what does it mean? 
Teresa Filósofa is an 18th century erotic literature novel, unknown author.

What’s your favorite position? 
I prefer to stay on top.

How long have you been posting your videos? 
About 1 and a half years ago.

Are you a porn lover?

Why and when did you start fisting/gaping/stretching/prolapsing? 
I started to stretch three years ago, encouraged by a friend, and I was fisted for the first time two years ago.

When did you realized that you wanted to work your anal expansion?
I stretched for the first time encouraged by a friend and then I realized that I couldn’t stop.

Which technique do you use to clean your ass before penetration? 
I usually do enemas.

“I would like to achieve double fisting.”

What’s your craziest fantasy?
An outdoor gangbang.

Do you have any goals or limits for your holes? Any world record you would like to beat? How big is your prolapse? 
I would like to achieve double fisting. I don’t worry about breaking records. I don’t dedicate myself to training prolapse, my prolapse is really shy.

Do you have any favorite fisting stars? Which ones and Why? 
My favorite fisting star is Axel Abysse. He has a sensuality that goes beyond the sexual orientation and his intensity is incredible and contagious.

What’s your favourite toy? 
Prince Charming, from Hankey’s Toys, because it is currently my biggest challenge and at the same time it’s the toy that gives me the most pleasure.

“I started to stretch three years ago, encouraged by a friend”

The biggest toy you have ever inserted? 
The biggest toy I’ve ever fully inserted is a red plug with a 30.5 cm circumference.

Do you have any funny episode regarding your expanded holes or fisting? 
I already had a lot of fun with my expanded asshole and fisting, but I don’t remember any funny episode about it.

When you have free time, what do you do for fun? 
I like to dance, watch movies and series, read, ride a bike, go out for a drink with friends.

What kind of music do you like? 
I like samba, jazz, rock.

Do you have any favorite movies? 
I’ve seen so many amazing movies, I couldn’t choose one or quote them all.

What’s your favorite TV shows? 
I do not watch TV.

What’s your favorite food?
Grilled salmon with salad, roasted meat with pasta… and chocolate, of course.

How can the fans follow you on social media? 
On Twitter @teresa_filosofa, or PornHub.

Any special words for Fisting Planet fans? 
I hope they enjoy watching my videos as much as I enjoy making them.

Thank you Teresa Filósofa!!