Royal Conversations: Lucia King interviews Itsshalyssa

I first remember coming across Alyssa (aka Itsshalyssa) on Reddit in the wee hours of the morning before posting on one of my regular subreddits r/alteredbuttholes. Her long red and even meatier rosebud and prolapse immediately popped out to me! *pun intended * I recently had t pleasure of getting to know this Southern Belle and find out more about her, and her anal journey! I also made a friend in the process! You may know her formerly as Lacy Faith on PornHub. I got to catch up with her recently on a Thursday night for a spicy ass conversation!
Lucia King

Lucia King: Hey girl! Thanks for doing this!
Alyssa / Itsshalyssa: Hiiiiii, of course! Thank you!!
Lmao, idk if you remember but I hit you up on reddit a couple of times and I’m
like “she does not fuck with me” so this has made my dayIt’s like a late bday
present for me!

Did you message me on there? Awww, when was ur bday?
Mine was on the 23rd last month.

I’m u/lucialonelystar there! Mine was on the 9th! My days have been fucking lit
since then. One of my best bdays ever!

Omggggggg, I’m so fucking sorry It wasn’t intentional!

Ok so question 1… Tell me about Alyssa…?
Ummm im 25 years old. I’m a kitty mom. I hate romance movies lol. I like to
bake cakes & cupcakes & decorate them. I’m also addicted to anal. I started
fucking my ass before my pussy. I just knew things belonged in my ass lol!

How old are you?
Oh I guess I answered #2 in #1.

What are your measurements?
I’m not sure about my actual measurements lol. I wear either like a 36DD. Then, im like 5’5″ & 170 pounds. I was 245 pounds at the beginning of last year, so I’m still working on getting my body exactly where I want it.
Congratulations baby! Keep up the good work. I’m in the gym like a mfer too! That’s okay you don’t know exact measurements!

“I’ve always been a super sexual person. I’ve always played with my ass & I
started working towards fisting when I was like 19.”

How long have you been shooting?
I’ve been showing off my hole for a while lol. I’ve been on fetlife since 2020 & I
think I started my onlyfans around that time. Not much happened with my
onlyfans though. They removed like all of my content 🙁
I started fansly in September.
OnlyFans would be saying I had “illegal activity” in my rosebud stuff lol…

Omg that’s why I never started OnlyFans. They don’t like buttsluts and nasty
bitches like us lmao!

How did you come up with your name and what does it mean?
Should I say my name is my actual name or no lol mean I tell people if they
ask, but is it bad?

I think that’s fucking sick, but it’s up to you! You don’t have to volunteer
anything you don’t want to, but I want my interviews to be raw and fun as fuck!

Ok then yeah, Alyssa is my real name!

We’re you a very sexual person before you started posting pics and
videos online?

I’ve always been a super sexual person. I’ve always played with my ass & I
started working towards fisting when I was like 19.

What’s your favorite position?
Doggy. I like being fucked hard & I feel like I can fuck back the best in doggy lol!

Are you a porn lover, if so what age did you start watching, who is your favorite porn star and what makes Alyssa cum?
I started watching porn pretty young lol. I started masturbating around 12 &
lost my virginity at 14 & then had anal the second time I fucked. I think I have
only ever watched anal fisting or rough anal porn. Currently, I onlyyyyyy watch rough anal fisting or rough huge anal insertions. Siswet is my favorite pornstar ever!!!

When did you start fisting/gaping/prolapsing? (you already answered part of this one)
So I started trying to fist at 19 & I started having a tiny rosebud if I really pushed maybe like 2.5 years ago. My rosebud really started coming out last year when I got super serious about stretching. I also got my mental health right & now I’m thriving & fuck my ass every day lol.

“I always needed more in my holes. And I always thought fisting was hot before I even knew fisting was actually a thing lol”

I find it so hot when other girls lose their virginity at that age let alone start getting fucked in the ass. I didn’t lose mine until I was 19 believe it or not.
I remember being in elementary and getting and trouble for like rubbing my pussy on the poles through my clothes. I would like climb & place & just rub my shit lol. I did it on my parents treadmill too. I didn’t even know what it meant. I just knew it felt good and i went exploring.

Do you have a count of how many people you were with before you started shooting?
Probably around 40 a few years ago & now I’m at like 50 if I’m right about the 40 lolllll. I went on a sex binge when I was 18 & fucked a different dude every night for like a few weeks, so that’s where a lot of them came from.

When was your first anal experience? (..)
It was around age 12 & it was my hairbrush handle. (…) I guess I just always liked my ass better than my pussy…”

We’re you with girls before porn?
I’ve always been attracted to females. I figured out I wanted more with girls around 16/17 maybe. I haven’t gotten to play much with females though. I’ve only gotten to make out, eat pussy, & scissor with a girl. I think I scare girls hahaha, because the pussy eating happened twice, and the scissoring once. I do not like scissoring lol.

Why did you decide to get into the adult industry/release content?
I always liked showing off lol. It was cool learning I could make money from it!
I understand that! I absolutely love showing off, I used to be overweight when I was growing up and somehow got skinny and developed a fat ass! I absolutely loved when my husband would record me, then he introduced me to porn and it was over!!! Especially since I was such a closet lesbo. I absolutely love women!

When did you realize you wanted to start asshole/pussy expansion?
I always needed more in my holes. And I always thought fisting was hot before I even knew fisting was actually a thing lol. I started exploring with my partner at 19 who really embraced and shared my love for anal.

I know I have my own very specific routine, but what technique and methods do you use to clean your ass before playing with it or penetration?
So, I’ve probably only done like 8 enemas in my life. I just started doing them. Before, I just wouldn’t play if it would be messy. Now, I will do an enema if questionable or playing with someone else. I don’t get laid like that though lol.

I’m pretty ocd about my ass cleaning, but know what works for me isnt the same or necessary for others. It’s crazy that you say that because your rose always looks so clean, I think that’s what stands out to me.

What would you say is your craziest fantasy? It doesn’t have to be anal related, just in general?My craziest vanilla fantasy is to be rich enough to open an animal shelter. My craziest sex fantasy is probably two fists in my asshole. I also think a man’s head would be really hot, but obviously not possible. I really just want a girl who loves anal like me. I would go crazy for a girl to suck my rosebud & let me taste her ass.
Lucia Raises hand”

What does Alyssa like sexually, what makes you wet?
Anal & making people horny.

How often do you masturbate and what’s your favorite method?
Daily & always anal!

Whats your favorite toy and what’s the biggest thing you ever inserted into your asshole?
I love squatting on my bad dragon or riding my fist toy the most. Width wise, probably a fist. Length wise, probably my snake tentacle looking dildo. I think it’s 16 inches. I can’t take all of it yet, but I am definitely getting there!

Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?
I don’t consider myself a size queen. A cock is a cock.

Do you have any hilarious or even embarrassing stories to share about expanding your holes?
Besides accidentally shitting on my boyfriend’s dick when I was 19, I don’t think so. Lol, not that I can think of at least.

“I was really stoned & horny one day & used my ex’s foot when he was on the other end of the couch.”

You haven’t done anal if you haven’t shit on a dick! Lmao like wtf did you expect to happen??? It comes with the territory haha!

When was your first anal experience? What made you do it and what went in your bootyhole?
It was around age 12 & it was my hairbrush handle. I dont know what made me do itl! I guess I just always liked my ass better than my pussy…

What are you like off camera? When you have free time, what do you do for fun?
Off camera, I’m a goof ball! I just like to joke & laugh all the time. I enjoy being outside. I’m a little bit of a stoner lol. I hang out with my cat. I also play GTA!!!
Holy fuck, you play GTA!?!? I don’t personally game, but I LOVE when my husband plays GTA. I drive and shit but I don’t really do shit else other than that and dress characters lmaooo
I love gta. I don’t really do missions or any of that shit. I just like to go to the casino once a day & go shoot & blow people up. I found a roof that I can climb on & the cops can’t get up there & it’s right down the road from the casino, so I get the cops & go to my building & climb to the roof & started dropping bombs & then when the copters come, I take them down & then they start trying to drop down on the roof from the helicopter some.It’s fun!!!

whats the wildest/kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?
Ummm, I never know what to say! I’ve had my ass pissed in only once so far though 🙁 I was really stoned & horny one day & used my ex’s foot when he was on the other end of the couch. Is that good enough? lol I’m trying to think…

“I really just want a girl who loves anal like me. I would go crazy for a girl to suck my rosebud & let me taste her ass.”

Do you have any favorite movies? Name as many as you’d like….
I love scary movies, but also love comedies. I hate romance movies. I really love Con Air with Nicolas Cage & I love Harriet. I’ve watched both sooooo many times.

What’s your favorite food?
If I had to choose one thing, potatoes. In any form lol. Mashed, baked, fries, chips, roasted, potatoes any way lol. I also love queso.
I love stretching my ass more than anything, it’s ridiculous. Unfortunately I’ve run into injuries in the past. Do you have an after care routine, or anything you’ve done that worked when it comes to getting rid of cuts, fissures, or hemorrhoids?
I don’t have an after care routine. I’ve really only run into issues with cuts from my nails. So if they are long, I just limit fingering or just don’t. As far as hemorrhoids, if I had a bad one, I would just chill out for a bit lol

How can all of the fans follow you on social media or any if your other platforms?
Fansly :
Pornhub :
Reddit :
Fisting Planet :

Any special words for the fans?
I’m thinking hahahah I don’t wanna be corny…
I guess my special words are thanks for watching me ruin my ass & making this such an awesome experience for me hahahah idk!
Thank You Fisting Planet!

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