Maria Hella Interview (aka Maria086)

by Fisting Planet
February 22th 2023

Maria Hella (or Maria086) is one of the most talented models in the world in this field – Beautiful, elegant and charming. She confesses that she loves showing off her wonderful prolapse, and she’s a fan of Mylène Farmer. But let’s know more of Maria “prolapse” Queen and her beautiful rosebutt that makes everyone dream!
Last, but not least, this interview was only possible with the help of our great member Mauffra! Thanks!!
As usual, I hope the fans like it!

“Professional porn does not interest me. I like my status as an amateur”

Fisting Planet: It’s not very gallant to start there, but, how old are you?
Maria Hella: 34 years old.

Do you think you can give us your height and weight?
1.70m 53kG.

What are your measurements?

We know you two pseudonyms: Maria086 and Maria Hella. Hella as hell? 86 as your year of birth?
Maria Hella is related to my real name! I can’t say more!

“I’m just starting the practice of BDSM, I really like it! it’s a universe in which I feel good!”

What is your favorite position?
The doggy style! I like it too much!

When did you start posting your videos?
It was in 2019!

Do you watch porn? If so, what kind?
Yes, that of my girlfriends, gaping dilations, prolapse!

Who are your favorite pornstars?
Stacy Bloom, Alice Hatter, Nici X Dream, Masha Yang, there are a few!

“I always had a big prolapse, I do that naturally”

You have competition prolapse. When did you start to dilate? To pump you?
I always had a big prolapse, I do that naturally, I started playing with it about ten years ago.

How do you prepare before your sessions? Do you have any particular techniques (enema etc.)?
I don’t really prepare myself, I sometimes give myself an enema but it’s quite rare! otherwise I take my favorite dildo and get warmed up 10-15 minutes before my show or my video!

What is your biggest fantasy?
My biggest fantasy is to have my prolapse licked by several people at the same time!

Do you have any taboos?
No, none!

Do you have goals in relation to your ass? Limits ? Would you like to dilate even more? Push your rose even further?
I am currently working on the length, minus the width, but my goals often change!

What are your favorite toys?
I have a preference for my TaRiss and OrganoToy toys! I love the texture and the feeling of dilation they provide!

“My biggest fantasy is to have my prolapse licked by several people at the same time!”

Do you happen to play with your anus during your work time? In public places?
Yes, to tell the truth, as soon as I have the opportunity! I love showing off at Cap d’Agde in the summer!

What’s the biggest dildo you’ve ever had?
My 9 cm diameter TaRiss dildo! I have another 10 cm from them but I still need practice!

Do you have one or more funny anecdotes about your practice of Fisting or Prolapse?
I remember the day I pushed my prolapse onto the beach, within minutes everyone was out of the water to watch the show! very cool !

You are rather submissive. Have you ever taken a double anal fisting?
Yes, I submit easily! I love it, letting go and letting myself be led! For now, double anal fisting is still a bit difficult, but I’m working on it!

“What gives you the best orgasms?
The anal fist!”

Serious exhibitionist?
Yes! Obviously I love it!!

What gives you the best orgasms?
The anal fist! it always ends in a flood! I drop everything!!

Your relationship to BDSM?
I’m just starting the practice of BDSM, I really like it! it’s a universe in which I feel good!

Would you shoot in professional porn?
No, professional porn does not interest me. I like my status as an amateur, to be a bit of the discreet naughty neighbor who gives you a good hard-on!!

What music do you listen to?
I’m a fan of Mylène Farmer, I really like French variety and current music, club or electro!

Your favorite novel? Your favorite movie?
I loved 1984 by Georges Orwell, I like dystopian or apocalyptic contexts!

Your favourite meal ?
Beef Bourginon! It’s too good!

On which networks can we follow you?
I’m mostly on twitter but you can find me on several platforms like Manyvids, Cam4, MyMfans, and recently on Justforfans!

To conclude: a word for your Fisting Planet fans?
I love you, lots of big kisses and I hope to see you very soon my loves!!!

Thank you very much Maria Hella!!

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