Kyra Sex Interview

by Fisting Planet
April 22th 2024

Kyra Sex is a stunning Brazilian model, just 24 years old, yet she already boasts a tremendous prolapse with a beautiful mushroom-shaped form. Surprisingly, she has only recently begun working on it, highlighting her remarkable potential.
Equally noteworthy is her aspiration for triple hand penetration, suggesting exciting developments in the world of fisting. Expectations are high for her to soon be hailed as an anal queen!
Moreover, her fondness for drinking urine, as revealed in her interview, adds another intriguing layer to her persona.
But I won’t spoil more; delve into the interview, and as always, I hope the fans find it captivating!

Fisting Planet: How old are you?
Kyra Sex: I’m 24 years old.

What is your height and weight?
1.60 tall and 57 kilos.

What are your body measurements?
Honestly, I don’t know exactly. The breasts are small, the butt is medium.

How did your nickname come about and what does it mean?
There was no specific reason, I needed to choose a name and that was the first one that came to mind Kyra with “K-Y” * like the lubricant brand, Hahaha.
*( K-Y is a jelly water-based lubricant Intended for penile, vaginal and/or anal application for intimate sexual activity and to supplement the body’s natural lubrication)

What is your favorite position?
I love by 4, “roast chicken”, “dad and mom”! I don’t have a preference, I love them all!

How long have you been posting your videos?
It’s been almost 4 years.

Are you a porn lover?
Yes, even before making videos, I already loved porn, I always watched it, my dream was to become a porn star.

Why and when did you start fisting/gaping/prolapsing?
Fisting I practiced even before porn, I started doing it only vaginally with myself, then I did it with a client until I did it with an ex-boyfriend. The prolapse, I confess that nowdays is much bigger. My gape now its harder to stay open, before it was easier to stay open. I always did anal, and my ass has a strength that I acquired doing pompoarism. Also, i’ve started to explore my prolapse more since I was pregnant.

When did you realize you wanted to work on your anal/pussy expansion?
I think that when I started acting and seeing that I could always push myself to limits, I started to become interested in it and enjoying being anal and pussy broken.

What technique do you use to clean your ass before penetration?
Well, generally I don’t eat heavy food the night before and the in day of action I use minelax which is a laxative that goes directly into the anus and then I clean it with warm water – the famous “chuca” (enema). Sometimes, during the “chuca”, I do fisting and my prolapse always comes out.

What is your craziest fantasy?
I don’t know how to answer this correctly but I’ve done a lot of crazy things. I’ve done a lot of fetishes. Today, I really want to record a video in my next birthday with 25 men, one man for every year of age and drink everyone’s pee and do double penetration with all.

Do you have any goals or limits for your holes? Any world records you would like to break? How big is your prolapse?
I didn’t get to measure correctly but he is almost 4 or 5 cm long with about 3 fingers I want him to come out more and more and my goal is to do anal fisting with three hands.

What is your favorite toy?
So far my favorite toy is my 44 cm horse dildo.

The biggest toy you’ve ever inserted?
I believe the longest one at the moment was 44 cm. I love it.

Do you have any funny episodes related to your expanded holes or fists?
I have several stories but the most recent one was this weekend on the 13th (April 20224). I went to a swingers club with a couple of friends and there was a time when my friend’s boyfriend was fingering me and put his hand on my ass in the middle of the party it was fun and very tasty.

When you have free time, what do you do for fun?
I like to practice with my toys. I really like being with friends, drinking something, playing card games or pool. I like socializing.

What kind of music do you like?
I love pagode and samba which are Brazilian songs and I love electronic music too.

Do you have a favorite film?
I have some, I love the films with John Travolta, “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3” or “Face/Off”, “Grease” are films that I love.

What are your favorite TV shows?
I really like cartoons, like “Family Guy” or “Adventure Time”.

What is your favorite food?
I love oxtail, it’s a Brazilian food where you cook the ox’s tail, I love it with cassava.

How can fans follow you on social media?
My Instagram keeps dropping, I’m on my 7th account on Instagram kyra_atriz or on Twitter kyra_sex.

Any special words for Fisting fans?
I hope you enjoy the interview and follow my work, I like to know what you expect from me and deliver more and more!
A kiss from Kyra Sex!!

Thank you very much for the interview Kyra Sex!!

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