Analslut01 Interview

by Fisting Planet
August 6th 2021

The mexican newcommer Analslut01 (or Amanda), accepted to share some words about herself with the Fisting Planet fans. Here is the result of the interview.
As usual, I hope the fans like it.

Fisting Planet: How old are you?
Analslut01(Amanda): 19 years old.

What’s is your height and weight?
5.5 Ft and 149 lbs.

What are your body measurements?
I don’t know my measurements.

“One day my boyfriend was fisting me with butter and he accidentally shot my butt in his face.”

How did you come up with your nickname and what does it mean?
It only occurred to me because I love everything to do with anal.

What’s your favorite position?
I really love all positions, I have no favorites.

How long have you been posting your videos?
10 months.

Are you a porn lover?
Yes of course.

Why and when did you start fisting/gaping/stretching/prolapsing?
I started 1 year ago just out of curiosity.

When did you realized that you wanted to work your anal/pussy expansion?
1 year ago.

Which technique do you use to clean your ass before penetration?
Using an enema to cleane yourself well.

“My goal is to be like Siswet or better than her.”

What’s your craziest fantasy?
My fantasy is a triple anal.

Do you have any goals or limitis for your holes? Any world record you would like to beat? How big is your prolapse?
My goal is to be like Siswet or better than her.

Do you have any favorite fisting stars? Which ones and Why?
Sure Siswet, I love her.

Whats your favourite toy?
Taintacle from Hankeys Toy’s.

The biggest toy you have ever inserted?
Seahorse from Hankeys Toy’s.

Do you have any funny episode regarding your expanded holes or fisting?
One day my boyfriend was fisting me with butter and he accidentally shot my butt in his face, hahaha.

When you have free time, what do you do for fun?
In my free time I like to go out for some mojitos with my boyfriend and my friends.

What kind of music do you like?
I like rock and reggaeton.

Do you have any favorite movies?
Edward Scissorhands.

What’s your favorite TV shows?
Friends and South Park.

What’s your favorite food?

How can the fans follow you on social media?
On twitter as Analslut001 and on OnlyFans as Analslut01.

Any special words for FistingPlanet fans?
I send my regards to all of you, thank you for being a part of this great community for those of us who like hardcore porn. One of the best twitter pages.