Argendana Interview

by Fisting Planet
February 24th 2021

This time it was the stunning Argendana who gave us the honor of being interviewed. This argentine, lover of extreme anal sex, even manages to fully insert in the ass one of the biggest dildos in the world – The Goliath. It’s impressive.
She seems to be a sensitive and fair woman, concerned with the affairs of the world. One curiosity, she loves argentinian rock.
As usual, I hope the fans like it.

Fisting Planet: How old are you?
Argendana: 42.

What are your body measurements?

How did you come up with your nickname and what does it mean? Argentina + Dana.

What’s your favorite position?
All 4.

“I start at my 16 with anal, i never think about that, i just love anal.”

How long have you been posting your videos?
More than 7 years.

Are you a porn lover?

Why and when did you start fisting/gaping/stretching/prolapsing?
At my 16/17 yo.

When did you realized that you wanted to work your anal/pussy expansion?
I start at my 16 with anal, i never think about that, i just love anal.

Which technique do you use to clean your ass before penetration?
Water enema.

What’s your craziest fantasy?
Read that at

“I don’t share or support competition about sex.”

Do you have any goals or limitis for your holes? Any world record you would like to beat? How big is your prolapse?
I dont share or support competition about sex.

Do you have any favorite fisting stars? Which ones and Why?
Heidi Perverse, because she starts on the early 80s in germany, the rest is a copy.

Whats your favourite toy?
All from MrHankeys Toys and my own designed Butt Plug.

The biggest toy you have ever inserted?
Goliath entire deep and Nick Capra 3XL.

Do you have any funny episode regarding your expanded holes or fisting?
Once time i forget one ball deep from a scene on a clip and the next day i found it on the toilet. Another time when i was filming a movie with 3 Alfajores “cookies from Argentina” i go deep with the 3 and when i go out pushing hard i expulse a lot of POOOOOO.


“Once time i forget one ball deep from a scene on a clip and the next day i found it on the toilet.”

When you have free time, what do you do for fun?
I play music, ride my bike (motorcicle), read and learn about cultures.

What kind of music do you like?
Progresive rock and argentinian rock.

Do you have any favorite movies?
Yes a lot (joker its my latest favorite), Interestellar, etc.

What’s your favorite TV shows?
No one.

What’s your favorite food?
Ravioles, Asado Argentino.

How can the fans follow you on social media?
@argendanafistmv , and OnlyFans Argendana.

Any special words for Fisting Planet fans?
Thank you for sharing and for helping those who want to practice anal grow, please be careful with those who use drugs because these practices are dangerous and should not be done in altered states, the risk exists and can be irreversible or lethal. Love your body and take care of it, enjoy sex without competing.

Thank you Argendana!!